Uniform, Jewellery & Hairstyles

It is the policy of Mount St Joseph and the wish of parents that all students wear their uniform with pride.


Royal blue badge MSJ blazer


Blue shirt/blouse—long or short-sleeved


Black tailored


Dark grey pleated skirt to be worn with plain black tights


Relevant house tie


Plain black shoes (not boots or trainers)

Socks (if wearing trousers)


Tights (if wearing a skirt)

Black or grey - if wearing trousers


Plain black tights -if wearing a skirt


Plain black—(optional)


Navy blue—(optional)


PE Kit


MSJ polo shirt

Navy and royal blue short 

Navy Sports socks



MSJ track pant

MSJ Navy sports legging

MSJ Quarter zip top



MSJ badged items of uniform can be purchased in the following ways.

Suppliers which are not listed below are not approved stockists of the uniform. Some other local suppliers have unfortunately supplied incorrect items of uniform to our pupils. It is therefore vital that only the following approved suppliers are used:

Whittakers School Wear in Bolton

Uniform and PE kit
106 Deansgate
BL1 1BD 

Telephone 01204 389485

How to Purchase Uniform 

Ziggys Schoolwear in Farnworth

Uniform and PE kit
6 Brackley Street

Telephone 01204 577211

Pale blue shirts and boys black school trousers are widely available at many retail outlets and supermarkets.

If you are entitled to a grant for school uniform, they are available through the one stop shop. If you have any financial concerns regarding the uniform, then please contact the school

Jewellery / Makeup / False Eyelashes / False Nails

There is a NO jewellery policy at Mount St Joseph, except for a watch.  All jewellery will be confiscated by staff.  Students will be monitored over time and persistent offenders will receive escalating consequences.  Body piercing, false nails, false eyelashes, makeup and adornment of any form is not permitted.  Students who refuse or are unable to remove jewellery will receive further consequence, i.e. isolation from lessons.


  • Extreme hairstyles (e.g. shaved heads, tramlines, unnatural colours and dreadlocks) are not acceptable. Boys are expected to be clean shaven.
  • Hairsprays/gels are dangerous in labs/workshops and should not be used or brought to school.
  • Hair accessories must be dark and discreet.
  • Caps and hats must not be worn

Other information

  • Smoking is strictly forbidden
  • Chewing gum is not allowed in school
  • Make-up should not be worn in school
  • Expensive items should not be brought into school, this includes designer clothing
  • Electrical items, such as MP3 speakers must not be brought into school

What will happen is students choose not to follow the uniform policy?

Consequences: If students do not comply with all parts of the uniform regulations, they will be given the chance to remain in school and continue learning, however, should the student choose not to remove the offending item, or accept an alternative form of footwear, then an automatic isolation will be issued.  This may also apply to other issues relating to incorrect uniform.  In the case of jewellery, caps, hooded tops, electronic devices these will be confiscated, parents notified and the item will be held in the main office until acknowledgement is received from a parent / carer, before being returned.  However in the case of persistent confiscation of any item(s) a parent / carer wil be notified and will be asked to collect in person. 

Students must accept responsibility for their own personal possessions and equipment whilst on the school site.  Please avoid bringing expensive items into school.  The school will not be held responsible for any items of uniform or equipment lost or stolen in school.