Show My Homework - Frequently Asked Questions


                                                         Frequently Asked Questions: Show My Homework                            

Please note: Show My Homework offer lots of support and advice via their help page.  Please go to: for any help you cannot find here.


How do I log into Show My Homework?

  1. 1.  For students, make sure you click the student tab at the top.
  2. 2. Locate Mount St Joseph Catholic School by beginning to type the name of the school – it will soon appear in the drop down menu.
  3. 3. Put in your school email address where it says email.  Your school email is your school number followed by
  4. 4. Then enter your password.
  5. 5. Finally, click log in.






What do I do if I have forgotten my password?


Click the ‘Forgot password?’ link at the top of the log in box.  This will send a password reset email to your school email account. 


You just need to log in to your school email account, access the email from Show My Homework and click the blue reset button.


You will be taken into Show My Homework where you can reset a more memorable password.  You would need your school email address and your new password to log in to Show My Homework in future.



How do I check what homework I have?

There are two ways to check what homework you have.  You can either use your ‘To do list’ or your calendar.  The calendar tends to be much easier to navigate and you are able to see when homework or lessons have been set and when they are due in:

How do I submit homework on Show My Homework?  


1. Click on the homework task you wish to submit work for.

2. Go to submit



3. You can type a message to your teacher or even your full answer in the comment box.

4. Attach any files you need to, for example documents, pictures or presentations. You can choose files from your computer or Dropbox.  Just click the paperclip icon.

5. Click ‘Submit assignment to teacher’ to send it to your teacher.


Remember, you can also email your teacher with any homework you wish to submit.


What to do if you do not understand the task or what you have to do.

If you don’t understand the homework task or if you get stuck, you can send a message to your teacher on SMH asking for help. 

You can only leave a comment on the homework task itself, so you will need to locate the homework task first. You can locate the task by finding it on your To-do list, your Homework calendar, or by searching for it by name in the top right-hand search bar.

Once you've selected the homework task you would like to comment on, click the Results tab and type your comment in the text box. When you've submitted your comment by clicking Post comment, your teacher will be notified of this comment in their account under the notifications button.

How to read comments from your teacher.


When your teacher leaves a comment for you, you will be notified in your account under the notice button. Click on the notification bell in the top-right of the page to view all of your notifications. When you click on a comment notice, you will be taken to the Assess page where the comment left by your teacher is displayed. You can reply to the comment by simply adding another comment.


Where can I find my live lesson timetable on Show My Homework?


If you have been asked to work from home, you may have some scheduled live lessons.  If this is the case, your live lesson timetable will be posted on the notice board. 

You will be able to access the notice board from the menu on the left hand side.  Or via the notice board (pin icon) on the phone app.


If there is a notice specifically for your class or year group, you will receive a notification and a little number will appear next to the notification bell.