Remote Learning Plan

Remote Learning Plan - Information for parents

As you may be aware, schools are required to have a remote learning plan in place so that any child who cannot attend school because of COVID-19 does not miss out on their learning.

The following explains our plans for remote learning for students who have to self-isolate, or where local or national restrictions mean that pupils need to stay at home.

Our remote learning plan

Our remote learning plan has been made with our students and their families in mind. We believe that this strategy will work best for the children at our school.

A summary of our remote learning plan is below.  Specific plans may differ depending on the subject. Where this is the case, teachers will be in touch with more information.

  • Students are encouraged to follow their normal school timetable at home, each day of self-isolation, unless they are unwell.
  • Students have been issued with a timetable which indicates which of their lessons are to be conducted through Microsoft Teams where they will have a ‘live’ lesson delivered by their class teacher.
  • The ‘live’ lesson timetable has been published in the remote learning section of the website for parents to view.
  • When students are not in ‘live’ lessons they are set work through Microsoft Teams or the SIMS app and are encouraged to complete tasks set.  It is advisable to complete these tasks at the same time students would normally have their lesson – as detailed on the student’s timetable – however flexibility can be given in relation to completion of tasks and these may be completed later in the day.
  • Students who fail to complete homework tasks or do not attend ‘live’ lessons, without good reason i.e. illness, will be contacted by their Head of Year and/or Pastoral Support Officer.
  • All students received a questionnaire in September and have indicated whether they have access to a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone at home.  Those who confirmed they did not, have been allocated a laptop to ensure they can access remote learning.
  • Students will receive feedback key pieces of work submitted through the SIMS app and /or their student email address.

The Department for Education has set out a number of expectations for schools in relation to remote learning, for more information please click the following link: DfE's expectations for remote learning.

Remote learning at home

  • All students will require access to a laptop, desktop computer, tablet or smartphone to complete online tasks.
  • Students are advised to consider making notes during ‘live’ lessons.This can be done on a notepad or sheets of paper.
  • Students should work in a quiet environment when completing ‘live’ lessons.
  • Students should ensure they take rest breaks throughout the day – in between lessons and at lunchtime.
  • Students are expected to maintain the same high standards at home as at school.These include following the 3Rs, - Respect, Responsibility and Resilience.

If your child does not have access to a laptop, desktop computer, tablet or smartphone, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can help support you. 

What we expect from your child

It’s important that your child engages with home learning and keeps to their timetable.

If they aren’t engaging with the learning, we’ll use the following strategies to provide additional support: 

  • Head of Year and /or Pastoral Support Officer contact to offer additional support
  • Contact from the school Counsellor when appropriate
  • Contact from the SENDCo when appropriate
  • Increased feedback from class teacher when necessary

What you can do to help

We appreciate that if this situation arises, it may present some challenges for you. We kindly ask for your support so that we can continue to provide high-quality education for your child during this time.

We don’t expect you to watch your child all day, and we wouldn’t expect parents/carers to get involved in remote lessons in place of our teachers. But, it would be really helpful if you can take an active role in your child’s learning by asking them about their day and what work they’ve done.

Our top tips:

  • Try to encourage your child to be ready and dressed for the start of the school day, and to keep to their timetable
  • Distinguish between weekdays and weekends, and make it clear when the school day is over, to separate home and school life
  • Plan breaks and exercise into the day to help keep your child active

Please keep in touch with us and do let us know if you’re having any difficulties with remote learning, or if you have any questions. You can contact 

Thank you for your continued support.