Parents' Evening

Virtual Parents' Evening.

We offer parents and carers the opportunity to meet with all their child's teachers to discuss progress, engagement in their learning and how to enhance their learning further.

Due to the COVID 19 restrictions, we are unable to invite parents and carers into school to meet our staff.  We currently operate virtual parents' evening for all our year groups on a programme- 'School Cloud'. Parents and carers will receive an email a few weeks before the date of the parents' evening with the link to School Cloud to book their appointments with their child's teachers. 

All Parents' Evenings start at 4:30pm and finish at 7:00pm. Please see below for the dates of our virtual parents' evenings.

Year Group Date
Year 7 18th March 2021
Year 8 19th November 2020
Year 9 3rd December 2020
Year 10 25th February 2021
Year 11

28th January 2021