Parental Consent & Information

We would ask that you inform school of the following:

Emergency Contact Information

Please ensure your child's emergency contact details are current and we are able to contact you in an emergency.

Medical Conditions

Information in relation to medical conditions which may affect your child's welfare, or taking part in sporting activities, school trips, or off-site activities.

Change of Address

If you have or are due to move house please can you inform our reception staff via phone or e-mail.

Change of Email Address

If you change your email address can you please inform our reception staff so we can keep you up to date with any information relating to your child.

Change of Any Other Contacts

Please can you make sure that any other emergency contacts are up to date just in case we are unable to contact the 1st person on the emergency contact list.


If you wish your child to be excluded from having photographs taken for news articles or publicity

Sporting Activities

If you wish your child to be excluded from after school sporting events.