Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

For Mental Health awareness week 2021, MSJ student’s explored a variety of ways to be mindful while using nature as a beneficial resource. Our students were educated about methods such as: Zentangle (a creative doodling method that calms the mind), Mindful colouring, positive affirmations, prayer flags and mandalas, tranquil sounds of nature and the historical and geographical connections that humanity has had with nature. Maths lessons raised the profile of mental health support by studying the latest statistics for young people, and then shared supportive organisations that can offer advice to anyone who is struggling. Students commented ‘this has really helped me to feel calmer’, ‘I will try this method at home’, and ‘I didn’t realise how many people suffered with a mental illness. This has definitely been our most imaginative and successful year so far, well done to all the staff and students for your support.