Meet our Senior Leadership Team


Mrs. N Samuel 

Having direct responsibility for all operational functions at Mount St Joseph, Mrs. Samuel plays a central role in informing, developing, and fulfilling the strategic and commercial objectives of the Governors.  Her leadership responsibilities cover all areas of estate management and business development as well as finance, HR, catering, compliance, and health and safety.  Mrs. Samuel is the designated data protection officer and the link senior leader for the provision of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. 


Mr. P Draper

Mr. Draper is directly responsible for leading all aspects of the school with regard to Pastoral Care at Mount St Joseph Catholic School. Mr. Draper’s main areas of responsibility are safeguarding, behaviour, rewards, attendance, and the effective operational running of the school day. Mr. Draper is also the Designated Safeguarding Lead in the school. Mr. Draper leads and coaches two assistant headteachers along with providing CPD opportunities for the Pastoral Team.


Mr. S Henshaw

Mr. Henshaw has been a member of staff at Mount St Joseph since joining as SENDco in January 2001, after working previously at George Tomlinson School, Bolton, and a pupil referral unit in Bolton town centre. Mr. Henshaw has filled a number of roles at Mount St Joseph, including KS3 manager and assistant headteacher on both pastoral and academic teams. He has also, in the past, been seconded to another local secondary school to support with the development of leadership and curriculum.

Mr. Henshaw has direct responsibility for the strategic planning of all aspects of school life relating to the quality of education. This involves leadership of the Quality of Education team, ensuring that the highest standards of education are provided to the students of Mount St. Joseph. This means planning and enacting a high-quality intent for the school, ensuring the best implementation of the strategic vision possible to ensure the maximum impact for students and their progress. Areas covered with quality of education include curriculum planning, teaching and learning, staffing and staff training, the school timetable, interventions, examinations, data/ results, and reporting. In addition, Mr. Henshaw line manages two assistant headteachers responsible for the strategic and operational implementation of the quality of education plans and is the school's quality nominee for examining boards.


Miss G Reynolds

Miss Reynolds has worked at Mount St Joseph since January 2005 and was the former head of English at the school.  Miss Reynolds is responsible for supporting curriculum development, working closely with the Teaching and Learning Team, to ensure high-quality teaching is driving student outcomes.  A large part of her role centres on analysing and assessing student outcomes.  This involves target setting; leading on the analysis and reporting of student data; and tracking student progress across each year group.  Where students need additional support to ensure progress, Miss Reynolds oversees interventions at both Key Stage 3 and 4.  She is also responsible for student reports and the organisation of parents' evenings.  In addition, Miss Reynolds oversees the school's Intervention Centre. 


Mrs. Sweetman

Mrs Sweetman started her career as a Newly Qualified Teacher of History at Tong High School in Bradford after completing a PGCE where she stayed for eight years, gaining invaluable experience and progressing to Head of Humanities. Having gained valuable leadership skills, she moved to Mount St Joseph in 2015 and has undertaken a range of different roles including Head of Humanities, Early Careers Teacher lead, Initial Teacher Training co-ordinator as well as being a member of the whole school Teaching and Learning Team.  

Mrs.Sweetman has undertaken a range of professional qualifications as she sees the value in personal development. These include a BA Hons in History and a Masters in Teaching and Learning and an NPQSL. As a result of these qualifications, she has been appointed as a SLE.  

Mrs. Sweetman said: “I am dedicated to improving professional development for all staff at every stage of their career so that they have the opportunity to impart their skills and knowledge to the students that we serve. Giving students the best life chances is at the forefront of my philosophy and I believe this can be achieved through engaging, purposeful, and challenging curriculums that are underpinned by effective continual and professional development”.  


Mrs. M Smith

Mrs. Smith is Assistant Headteacher at Mount St Joseph and is responsible for student development and welfare and development. Mrs Smith is also one of the Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads in school. Mrs. Smith strategically leads the promotion of the school as well as developing a community ethos within the school.

Mrs. Smith said, “It is an absolute privilege to be Assistant Headteacher at Mount St Joseph and work with the students and families in our school community. My passion lies with the development of young people and the importance of an inclusive education for all.” My role allows me to make a significant contribution to our student's development and my priority is to ensure our students feel safe, enjoy school and have a desire to make a positive contribution to school life and the wider community in which every individual is valued.”


Mrs. G Morris

Mrs. G Morris is Assistant Headteacher at Mount St Joseph.  Mrs. Morris has taught at the school since 2003, she is a PE teacher and began her career here as the Assistant Head of PE, before quickly progressing to be Head of PE.  In 2012, she became Head of Years 8 and 9 alongside her role as Head of Shakespeare House.  In 2015, she became Head of Inclusion and later Head of Key Stage 4.   

Mrs. Morris is responsible for the students' pastoral care as they transition from primary school, progress through Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4, and then onto their next steps of college or employment. Mrs Morris is one of the Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads in school. Mrs. Morris also takes responsibility for the Key Stage 4 intervention and mentoring programmes. "Through the varied role that sees my work across Key Stages 2 to 5, I am able to truly influence and guide our wonderful students to grow and develop into well-rounded individuals.  Students at Mount St Joseph acquire an abundance of key skills, experiences, and first-class education, all of which allow them to have a positive impact on their communities.  I believe our Catholic ethos and vibrant, friendly school community provides all our students with every opportunity to fulfil their potential and offer unlimited ambition to become outstanding members of society."