Introduction To Year 11: Information and Presentations.

Here we have some useful presentations, as well as contact details for the Year 11 Head of year, Pastoral, and Heads of Departments should you need to contact them directly.




Please contact any of the following if you need any support:

Assistant Headteacher - Miss G Reynolds                                   

Head of Year 11 - Mr P Drummond                                                

Year 11 Pastoral Care Officer - Mrs S Wolstencroft                    

Head of English - Mrs Young                                                            

Head of Maths - Mr G Johnson                                                        

Head of R.E. - Ms S Adam                                                                 

Head of Science - Mrs N McLoughlin                                             

Head of CAT Department - Mrs N Sheffield                                   

Head of History - Miss G Davies                                                      

Head of Geography - Mrs M Mellor                                                

Head of Creative Arts - Mr D Sanders                                          

Head of Languages - Mrs M Fish                                                    

Head of Physical Education - Mrs A Ingham                                

Head of Vocational - Miss T Robinson