House System







All students at Mount St Joseph are members of one of three houses; Mandela, Shakespeare or Jenner. These names were chosen as a result of the contributions these three influential people made to the World we live in today.

The overall aim of the House System is to connect all year groups within the school, providing them with the opportunity to further develop skills and experiences in order to become confident and well-rounded individuals. It ties in closely with the high performance goals by getting students to work to help each other build confidence through collaboration; persevering through a task; taking risks as a group to achieve a common goal and learning to be enquiring and creative in a safe atmosphere. The House System aims to do this by providing House members with enjoyable and competitive House events; thereby allowing students to succeed both in and outside the classroom.

As part of the development of leadership skills and student voice within the school, students have an opportunity to become House Captains. These positions represent their fellow students and help organise and run many of the House events.

Being a member of a House is about being a part of a team and the community. Every member is significant, as each individual brings unique skills, knowledge and experiences. It’s an important part of life at Mount St Joseph as our students and staff enjoy working together to achieve high standards in everything we do.

How does it work?

Each House consists of approximately 300 students from Years 7-11. Siblings would usually be in the same House.

House Points 

House points are awarded for different purposes each week. The rota is as follows:

  • Uniform
  • Attendance
  • Behaviour 

Each week, the house that wins will be awarded 5 points, the house in second will get 3 points and the house in last will get 1 point. This will then be added up at the end of the year and the winner will take home the 'House Cup'. 

Term 1a

Term 1b

Term 2a 

Term 2b

Term 3a

Term 3b