Financial information

What Is Financial Benchmarking?

Benchmarking is the process of comparing your school’s spending with similar schools and schools with similar challenges. It allows your school to look at spend in different areas such as staffing, supplies and services; buildings and land; as well as against the individual Consistent Financial Reporting (CFR) codes. It helps to inform the schools development process.

Benchmarking helps the school to consider how to use its resources to support high-quality teaching and the best education outcomes for its pupils.

Benchmarking helps to connect with other schools, to discuss challenges and successes. This can help to consider whether:

  • resource allocations are working.
  • we can improve outcomes by doing things differently.

Benchmarking is only a guide. Some schools may find themselves at the lower or upper extremes of the data. You should consider local knowledge about your school when assessing the data.

You can view our school's financial data and how we compare with other similar schools at the website below.

Schools financial benchmarking - GOV.UK (

How many staff earn over £100,000?

Schools are now required to publish the number of staff who are currently earning over £100,000, however they are not allowed to name the staff member.

Salary Amount over £100,000

Number of Staff

£100,000 -£109.999


£110,000 -£119,999


£120,000 -£129,999


£130,000 -£139,999


£140,000 -£149,999