Community Values

Last year, student voice and the student council were set the task of renewing our school community’s core values. We wanted them to be central to who we are as a community of learners, believers and friends; we wanted them to reflect gospel values; we wanted them to be visually engaging, and we wanted them to be user-friendly, and form the basis of our rewards culture. Our students were more than equal to the task, and they came up with what we call “The 3Rs”: Respect, Responsibility and Resilience

At Mount St Joseph we are respectful of one another’s needs, backgrounds and beliefs. Adults and students interact with mutual good will and good manners. We respect ourselves and our community’s rules regarding uniform, homework and classroom and corridor conduct.

At Mount St Joseph we are mindful of our responsibilities to ourselves and one another, of the need to put learning excellence at the forefront and ensure we do everything in our power to meet our objectives.

At Mount St Joseph we are resilient and eager to improve. We act on feedback immediately and thrive on challenge.

Students were also invited to contribute ideas to the new values logo, which is highly visible around the site and a constant reminder of the three values that we hold highest.

These values link directly to our rewards culture, with students able to earn Premium Banking Points for demonstrating their commitment to them. In years 7 and 8, students can also earn the bronze, silver or gold Mount St Joseph Community Award for achieving targeted numbers of PB points across the full range of values criteria.