Community Days

We have initiated our Year 7 community days, designed to provoke thoughtful reflection amongst our students about their roles within the school community and how these roles can evolve over the next five years.

These community days comprise three fundamental elements:

  • The Significance of Community: During this segment, students delve into the essential components that create a strong community. Emphasizing Jesus' teaching of "Love thy neighbor as themselves," pupils explore what constitutes a thriving community and how mutual respect and understanding can foster a supportive environment.
  • Our Multifaith Community: This part of the program challenges students' perceptions regarding the diverse faiths present within our school community. By recognizing the multitude of beliefs and cultures, students gain insight into the rich tapestry of humanity. This understanding not only fosters tolerance but also uncovers the shared values that bind us, emphasizing that despite our differences, we have more in common than that which sets us apart.
  • Forgiveness: An integral aspect of various faith traditions, forgiveness takes center stage in this segment. Students contemplate the profound ability to forgive, a universal principle that transcends religious boundaries. Encouraging students to embrace forgiveness promotes emotional healing and empowers them to move forward without harbouring resentments, fostering a community built on empathy and compassion.

Through these carefully curated elements, our Year 7 community days aim to instill values of empathy, understanding, and forgiveness, laying the foundation for a harmonious and inclusive school environment where every individual is valued and respected.