Mount St Joseph

Catholic School



The aim of this page is to make you familiar with what chaplaincy is. You may be unfamiliar with life in a Catholic school and uncertain of what chaplaincy may be. This introduction will outline some key ideas about its nature and purpose.


What is Chaplaincy?

The essence of chaplaincy is the promotion of the spiritual life of the school. It does not mean exclusively promoting the Catholic faith and ignoring other faiths. Rather, it is to promote the development of faith and to extend every individual’s relationship with God as they understand him.


Chaplaincy Vision

MSJ chaplaincy welcomes students, staff, parents/carers and all members of our community to join us on our journey of faith. We aim to help everyone to engage positively, generously and intelligently as a community of learners, believers and friends, and to embody our wider school values of “Respect, Resilience and Responsibility”.


The Purpose and Nature of Chaplaincy

Although Catholic schools share much in common with their secular counterparts, there are several features of a school like Mount St Joseph which sets it apart as having a distinct Christian quality.

The ethos of a Catholic school is not marked out by religious statues or a crucifix placed in a classroom, but by the presence of relationships built on trust and understanding, even in the most challenging of circumstances. We aim to put this at the heart of what we do, emphasising that all students are loved by God and have an important and valuable part to play in the world He has created. This is further supported by the motto and identity of the school as “a community of learners, believers and friends”.

Mount St Joseph’s lay chaplain, Mr Haughton, also teaches religious education. We are extremely lucky to have the support of many of the local parish priests as well as the Schoenstatt Fathers who have their shrine in Kearsley. Mount St Joseph is part of the St Joseph Deanery within the Diocese of Salford. We have a school group, the Growing In Faith Together Team (or GIFT team) which all members of our school community are welcome to join. The GIFT team visits our local primary schools as part of our outreach programme, and helps organise our many charity events throughout the year.

Please click on the link for the chaplaincy handbook to discover in detail what chaplaincy at MSJ involves.