Careers Impact Statement

The CEIAG (Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance) programme at Mount St Joseph school aims to: -

• Provide the very best careers guidance throughout our students’ school journey, starting from year 6 transition events through to year 11 college and apprenticeship applications to enable them to make well-informed decisions, with developed plans, to achieve their career aspirations

  • Encourage the development of self-awareness and independent thinking;
  • Develop employability skills such as initiative, communication and teamwork;
  • Help them to understand the decision-making process;
  • Equip them with information on current opportunities;
  • Provide appropriate resource materials for research and evaluation;
  • Offer support from our guidance team;
  • Promote a culture in which the pupils set for themselves aspirational goals, which will advance their interests and passions.

Gatsby Benchmarks:

At Mount St Joseph we use the Gatsby Benchmarks (see below) to develop and improve our careers provision and ensure that we provide independent careers guidance and provide opportunities to a range of providers to inform pupils about qualifications, college courses, career pathways and apprenticeships. We work with the following:

  •  Local employers, Local colleges and external training providers, School Governors, Job Centre plus, Enterprise Co-ordinator from the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, and Connexions Careers Advisor.

Relationships with Parents

  • We recognise that parents have a major role to play in the area of careers, both in terms of encouraging and supporting their children and in supporting the school in its endeavours to promote a wide variety of careers information.
  • The Senior Leadership Team and Independent Careers Adviser are available at Year 9 Options Evening and year’s 10 and 11 Parent Evenings along with representatives from local colleges to speak to parents and pupils.

Monitoring, review, evaluation and development of CEIAG

The following is reviewed by the Careers Leader, Careers Co-ordinator and the Assistant Head Teacher

  • Annual review of the Careers Programme
  • Lesson and form time learning walks including ‘Career week’ as part of School Self Evaluation
  • Feedback on the effectiveness of the CEIAG programme is sought through student focus groups and questionnaires, visitor feedback questionnaires, staff and parental questionnaires. Resulting action points then feed into the following years’ planning process to ensure they are addressed.
  • Review of the school’s adherence to the Gatsby Benchmarks through Compass, an online self-evaluation tool for schools with follow up improvement plan
  •  Systematic tracking of all activities linked to CEIAG and the Gatsby benchmarks