About Us

Mission Statement

As a Roman Catholic School – Mount St Joseph strives to be a community of learners, believers and friends. As a community of learners we aspire to achieve our full, academic potential in a happy, safe and caring environment.

As a community of believers we aim to develop a full awareness of our spiritual and moral responsibility and a deepening love and understanding of our faith.

As a community of friends we influence the people around us by using our unique gifts and talents to develop one another socially and culturally to build a better world.

Our community is bound together by the faith it proclaims. We celebrate the primacy of the spiritual and moral life, the dignity of the person, the importance of community, caring, social justice and the common good.

We seek to have Christ at the centre of all that we do in school and to give the pupils in our care the opportunity to grow spiritually in a loving worshipping community. We welcome children of other faiths and respect their beliefs and culture.

We believe that every child is uniquely created and loved by God and called by Him to fulfil a special purpose. It is our privilege to help each child to identify, nurture and use his/her talents to build a better world. To this end we will work in partnership with parents, parishes, the community of schools and with the wider community.

We seek to be at the heart of the community we serve, learning from it and contributing to it. We believe that enterprising people can help themselves and add something to society also. Our mission is to nurture enterprise in young people today so that they will be the creators of wealth tomorrow, not for self-fulfilment but to develop and use our gifts for the service of God through other people.

To This End We Will:

● Have high expectations of all staff and students reflected in ambitious targets for both
● Aim to attain the highest academic standards
● Allow no limits to aspirations or learning
● Promote an entrepreneurial ethos across the curriculum in styles of teaching and learning
● Recognise and reward enterprise skills
● Develop strong links with business partners evident in both the governance of the school and classroom practice
● Enrich the curriculum with projects rooted in a real business context. Work to develop real partnerships with the community of schools, enabling the dissemination of good practice
● Use the latest technological resources to promote flexible extended learning

We seek to work in the spirit of the Sisters of the Cross and Passion who founded our school – striving to bring the compassion of Christ to the suffering and deprived, combating materialism and spiritual emptiness and teaching an understanding of the values of Christian family life and community responsibilities, locally, nationally and globally.

"A Community of Learners, Believers & Friends"