Krakow, Poland Trip

We have the responsibility to never forget.

A group of 43 students from Mount St Josephs visited Poland to experience the horrors of the Nazi regime. They saw first hand the plans of the final solution to exterminate the Jews through visits to the ghetto, Schindler’s museum and Auschwitz concentration camp.

"Going to Poland was amazing because I got to experience what it would be like for Polish and Jewish people during WW2. I learned how a large the scale was, and how well prepared the concentration camps were. It helped me academically but the experience had a impact on how I now view the Holocaust."

Katie Raby

The trip to Poland had as significant impact on me, not just academically but overall as a person. This was because I learned important life lessons such as why everyone should be treated equal. The trip at Auschwitz and through the Ghetto will stay with me forever."

Lewis Bailey

"I learnt a lot whilst visiting Auschwitz. It impacted me on a personal level seeing the pure scale of the camps. Imagining being there and standing where so many were murdered was extremely touching. The thing that affected me the most was seeing the personal belongings of those killed and the room filled with human hair.

Henry France

"I had a great time in Poland which was a place I will never visit again, but it is a place that I will always remember."

Joshua Pitfield