Leigh College AI Master Class

Did our Year 10 students unwittingly build Skynet on their recent AI master class at Leigh College?

Five of our enthusiastic and enterprising year 10 students had the incredible opportunity to participate in a thought-provoking master class workshop centred around Artificial Intelligence (AI) at Leigh College yesterday morning. (29th February) The session was not only an educational experience but also a captivating exploration of the symbiotic relationship between the students and cutting-edge technology.

Throughout the workshop, the students actively engaged with AI tools and concepts, raising different questions, sharing their perspectives, and collaborating on problem-solving scenarios. It became evident that the learning experience was not a one-way street; the students, with their fresh perspectives and innovative thinking, were contributing to the ever-expanding knowledge base of AI.

The workshop acted as a microcosm of the broader relationship between education and technology, sparking curiosity about the potential impact of AI on future generations. As these enterprising year 10s left the workshop, they carried with them not just newfound knowledge but a sense of their role in shaping the trajectory of AI development.


The question lingers on in the realm of AI education. Are the students the sole beneficiaries, or do they, in turn, become unwitting contributors to the collective intelligence of the very technology they sought to understand? The workshop, in its entirety, served as a testament to the intricate dance between human ingenuity and artificial intelligence, leaving both educators and students alike with a deeper appreciation for the transformative power of technology in the learning process.