Faith in Action Bronze Awards

Faith and Service Shine Bright at MSJ as Five Students Garner Prestigious Bronze Level Faith in Action Awards for Their Exceptional Commitment to Community and Spiritual Growth.

In a heartwarming ceremony held in the School Chapel, five of our outstanding students (Tianna, Maryam-Huda, Diana, Natalia, and Aimee) were honoured with the prestigious Faith in Action Award, a recognition that celebrates and acknowledges their active faith lived out through dedicated service and reflection.

The Faith in Action Award, is designed to encourage young individuals to connect their lives and faith tangibly and seeks to deepen their relationship with God while inspiring them to share God's love through their actions. The award is granted at different levels, with the Bronze Level specifically focusing on service in faith and fostering a sense of community belonging.

The recipients of the Bronze Level Faith in Action Award demonstrated exceptional commitment to their faith and community. These students not only embraced the responsibilities that come with belonging to a community but also actively contributed to the well-being of others within the MSJ community.

To achieve the Bronze Level, these remarkable students played substantive roles in various school events, showcasing their understanding that belonging to a community involves a shared responsibility for its welfare. Their dedication was not only recognised but celebrated as they stood out amongst their peers, embodying the true spirit of the Faith in Action Award.

The students expressed gratitude for the transformative journey they embarked on throughout the Award process, stating that it deepened their relationship with God and allowed them to explore their faith in a meaningful way. Their commitment to service not only made them valuable members of the school community but also illuminated the love of God through their actions.

The Faith in Action Award ceremony at MSJ was attended by school staff and students. The event served as a testament to the positive impact that faith, service, and reflection can have on young individuals, fostering a sense of community and responsibility that extends far beyond the school walls.

As these five students continue their journey of faith and service, their achievements at the Bronze Level of the Faith in Action Award serve as an inspiration to their peers and a reminder that even small actions can make a significant difference in building a community bound together by faith and shared responsibility.