The Knife Crime Project

Dive into the heart of community engagement as Mount St Joseph students, in collaboration with BWiTC, tackle the issue of knife crime in a transformative project culminating with a meeting with the Mayor of Bolton.

In a dedicated commitment to community safety, students from Mount St Joseph have actively been participating in the Knife Crime Project, a collaborative effort with BWiTC (Bolton Wanderers in the Community), coinciding with the final days of the Knife Angel's presence in Bolton before embarking on its journey elsewhere in the UK. The event, hosted at the Bolton Lads and Girls Club, garnered attention for its impactful conclusion of the Knife Angel initiative, allowing students the unique opportunity to also engage with the Mayor of Bolton.

Working with BWiTC over the previous weeks, the students undertook a mission to gain and subsequently raise awareness and advocate for change. Through a series of workshops and activities, they delved into the critical issues surrounding knife crime, exploring its root causes and potential solutions. The culmination of their efforts unfolded in a poignant event at Bolton Lads and Girls Club, where the Knife Angel, a powerful symbol crafted from surrendered knives, stood nearby, serving as a stark reminder of the profound impact of such crimes on communities.

As a fitting conclusion to the project, the students had the honour of meeting the Mayor of Bolton, Cllr Mohammed Ayub. This meeting provided a platform for the students to share their insights, findings, and recommendations on addressing knife crime in the local community.

Photographs captured during the event showcased the students deeply engrossed in the project, underscoring their commitment to making a positive impact to their community. The images reflected moments of reflection, collaboration, and determination as they worked tirelessly to create awareness and understanding of the issue of knife crime.

The partnership forged between Mount St Joseph, BWiTC, and the Mayor's Office emphasises the vital role of community collaboration in tackling social challenges, underscoring the significance of collective efforts in forging safer neighbourhoods for all.

As the students return to their classrooms with a sense of accomplishment, the impact of their anti-knife crime project is poised to resonate throughout the local community. The Mayor of Bolton, expressing gratitude for their dedication, encouraged the students to persist in their advocacy for positive change.

Initiatives like this serve as a shining example of how youth-involved projects can meaningfully contribute to addressing social issues, fostering a sense of responsibility, and inspiring transformative change within the wider community as a whole.