Bag 2 School Appeal 2023

MSJ Community unites for fashion waste change and to help bring Christmas cheer.

Throughout the months of October and November, the Mount St Joseph community actively participated in supporting the Bag 2 School charity, which is dedicated to minimising fashion waste by reusing, recycling, and aiming to reduce materials used by the clothing industry, thus reducing fashion waste.

Our combined efforts have produced a commendable outcome, culminating in the successful raising of £139. Every contribution made to this appeal holds profound significance, as all proceeds will be dedicated to the Christmas Toy Appeal, a heart-warming initiative aimed at bringing joy to children who may not experience the same level of fortune as their peers during the festive season. By participating in this cause, we are actively ensuring that every child, irrespective of their circumstances, can revel in the delight of receiving gifts during Christmas, fostering a sense of warmth and generosity that defines the true spirit of the season.