The Knife Angel

Students visit the Knife Angel statue in Bolton as part of the Knife Crime project run by Bolton Wanderers in the community.

A group of students recently embarked on a thought-provoking journey to witness the powerful and hauntingly beautiful Knife Angel sculpture located in Bolton town centre. This extraordinary work created by the artist Alfie Bradley is made entirely from surrendered and confiscated knives and stands as a testament to the consequences of violence and the collective effort to combat it.

Standing at a massive 27 feet tall and weighing over 3 tonnes, its imposing presence commands attention and evokes a mix of emotions from those who stand before it. The sculpture serves as a stark reminder of the impact of knife crime on individuals and communities, prompting deep reflection on the social issues it represents.

The knives, once instruments of violence, have been transformed into a work of art that communicates a powerful message about the need for change. Each blade contributes to the Angel's form, symbolising both the fragility of life and the potential for transformation.

The students, guided by their teachers and representatives from Bolton Wanderers in the Community, engaged in discussions about the social implications of the Knife Angel. The visit provided a unique opportunity for the students to connect with the broader social challenges that often seem distant in their daily lives.

The Knife Angel, created as a collaboration between the British Ironwork Centre and the police, has travelled across the United Kingdom, serving as a catalyst for discussions on violence and knife crime prevention. Its presence in Bolton underscores the town's commitment to raising awareness about the consequences of knife crime and promoting dialogue amongst its residents.


We hope that the students left the sculpture with a deeper understanding of the complex issues surrounding knife crime and a renewed sense of purpose. The Knife Angel has not only left an indelible mark on many cities and towns on its travels but also on the hearts and minds of those who have had the opportunity to witness its profound message.

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The Knife Angel statue is available to see at Deansgate in Bolton up until the 30th of November.