KPMG Office Visit

Our students embarked on an inspiring visit to KPMG's Manchester offices, where they collaborated with mentors and explored the world of business in a dynamic workshop.

Today, a group of our Year 9 and 10 students embarked on an enriching journey to the bustling KPMG offices in Manchester, courtesy of The Talent Foundry. Immersed in a vibrant atmosphere, they participated in an engaging workshop that offered a unique insight into the world of business.

During their visit, our students not only had the opportunity to explore the KPMG headquarters but also collaborated closely with seasoned KPMG mentors, assuming the roles of 'consultants.' Together, they tackled a real-world problem, showcasing their innovative spirit and problem-solving skills.

In a display of remarkable teamwork, courage, and communication, our students then pitched their creative solutions to the group. We wish to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Ashley and the entire KPMG team for orchestrating a morning filled with valuable learning experiences. Through this event, our students not only gained new skills but also gained a glimpse into the exciting and rewarding possibilities that a future career at KPMG could offer. Here's to fostering future leaders!