Royal Exchange Theatre Trip

Our students' 'Great Expectations' were certainly met on our recent trip to the Royal Exchange Theatre.

Fifty enthusiastic Year 8 and Year 9 students embarked on a thrilling theatre excursion to the renowned Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester, where they witnessed a captivating adaptation of Charles Dickens's timeless masterpiece, 'Great Expectations'. This rendition not only featured the beloved characters from the original story but also introduced a unique twist by relocating the narrative to colonial India. The gloomy atmosphere of Dickensian London was ingeniously transformed into the vibrant and exotic backdrop of Mumbai, where young 'Pipli' embarked on his mesmerising adventures.


A standout performance came from the talented actress portraying Miss Havisham, who skilfully portrayed the character's vulnerability and terror. Her portrayal was so convincing that several students found themselves recoiling in horror as she tormented the young Pipli. The students thoroughly enjoyed the experience, with many expressing their eagerness to return to the theatre in the future. Their exemplary behaviour and enthusiasm reflected positively on the school, making it a pleasure to accompany them on this memorable outing.