The Medical Mavericks

Medical Mavericks collaborated with Mount St. Joseph to engage our Year 10 students during one of our in-house career workshops.


The Medical Mavericks Academy is dedicated to inspiring the next generation of medical professionals and scientists by bringing real medical and sports science equipment to schools, colleges, and events throughout the UK.

Our school's career advisor, Mrs. Simpson, organised a visit from the Mavericks to expose our Year 10 students to potential careers in the healthcare and science fields. During this engaging event, students had the opportunity to explore various activities that offered a glimpse into their future prospects. These activities included blood sampling, recording and printing ECGs, simulating keyhole surgery, visualizing their internal structures using ultrasound technology, and measuring blood pressure, amongst others.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the Medical Mavericks for gracing our school with their presence and creating an unforgettable and unparalleled learning experience for our students.