Lunch with a Judge

It was an extraordinary and unforgettable occasion for our Year 10 students as they were given the esteemed opportunity to dine with a distinguished judge on Tuesday, July 18th.

It was truly an honour for our Year 10 students to share a special lunch with a judge on Tuesday, July 18th, as a recognition of their outstanding performance at the Manchester Moot Court last month. The highlight of the event was a lively debate on the topic 'Men could learn from women about how to be better role models,' during which our pupils showcased their exceptional ability to think on their feet and express themselves eloquently. The judge was genuinely impressed with their skills and insights.

Amongst the remarkable students who stood out during the lunch were Natalia N, Diana K, Tianna M, Yoana O, and Angeline A. These exceptional young individuals not only displayed confidence and maturity but also exhibited a strong passion for pursuing a career in law. We have no doubt that these promising young ladies will don courtroom wigs in the future!

As their teacher, I extend my warmest wishes to all our pupils for a successful future. May you continue to excel and make a positive impact in whatever path you choose to pursue.

Best regards, Miss Hassan