MSJ Poetry Slam

The lights dimmed, and the spotlight illuminated the stage, casting a luminescent glow upon each brave poet who dared to share their innermost thoughts and passions. The audience held their breath in anticipation, knowing that in these hallowed moments, they would be transported to landscapes unseen and emotions untamed.

Ladies and gentlemen, poets and poetry enthusiasts, welcome to the resounding echoes of a Poetry Slam Competition that has already graced our stage. The afternoon was electric, the air crackling with raw emotions and the power of words, spoken and felt. As we reflect upon the soul-stirring verses that danced upon eager ears, we invite you to journey back with us to the moment when hearts were laid bare and minds ignited with the magic of language.

The applause roared like thunder, showering the performers with affirmation and encouragement. Yet, it wasn't just the skilled execution of words that made this Poetry Slam memorable; it was the raw vulnerability and authenticity that left an indelible mark on the hearts of all who bore witness.

As the afternoon progressed, a sense of camaraderie and solidarity enveloped the room. Poets lifted each other up, celebrating the power of expression, and the audience responded with unwavering appreciation, fostering an atmosphere of respect and admiration for the art form.

The judges had a tough job ahead of them as each poem was truly heartfelt and worthy of being considered to clinch the top spot, unfortunately in the end, though there could be only one victor, and that would be Felicity R with her piece titled 'My Rugby Poem' which you can read below. Well done to everyone for taking part and inspiring others with your words.

Judges Standings: 1st Place: Felicity R        2nd Place: Tiffini B        3rd Place: Natasha A