World of Work - Visit to Barclays​​​​​​​

Our Year 10 students gained invaluable employability skills and real-world experience through the Prince's Trust's Mosaic Programme and a visit to Barclays Bank Headquarters.

Over the course of 8 weeks, a selected group of Year 10 students from our school had the incredible opportunity to participate in the Prince's Trust's Mosaic Programme. This program was designed to enhance essential skills necessary for future employment while also focusing on interpersonal abilities like building confidence, improving presentation skills, crafting effective CVs, mastering interview techniques, and fostering teamwork.

The culmination of this enriching program took place during a visit to the prestigious Barclays Bank Headquarters located in Manchester. The purpose of this visit was to provide our students with a firsthand experience of the real working world. Upon arrival, they were warmly welcomed and embarked on a guided tour of the impressive Headquarters. During the tour, they were exposed to various departments and gained valuable insights into the diverse range of roles involved in the banking industry.

In addition to the tour, the students engaged in interactive sessions that focused on different pathways to employment, particularly highlighting the opportunities available through apprenticeships. They were provided with valuable guidance on how to effectively present themselves during job interviews, learning the art of showcasing their skills and experiences in a compelling manner.

The Mosaic Programme, combined with the invaluable visit to Barclays Bank Headquarters, served as a remarkable opportunity for our Year 10 students to gain a genuine glimpse into the world of work. It not only allowed them to understand the inner workings of a prominent financial institution but also sparked ideas and provided them with insights to shape their future career paths. By participating in this program, the students were able to develop vital employability skills, foster confidence, and broaden their horizons as they explore potential career opportunities.