King Charles III Coronation

In celebration of the King's Coronation, prior to witnessing a majestic spectacle of ceremonial processions, and cultural performances, our students took part in various activities in school to mark this historic moment of regal ascension.

The school was abuzz with excitement as students prepared to pay homage to their new sovereign. Adorned with vibrant decorations, the halls and classrooms exuded a sense of anticipation and reverence. Teachers and staff worked diligently to create an immersive experience that would allow students to understand and appreciate the significance of the coronation.

Tree Planting: Symbolising Growth and Renewal 

One activity undertaken by the students was the planting of a commemorative tree. This act symbolised growth, renewal, and the continuity of the monarchy. With shovels in hand, students participated in a communal effort to plant the sapling in a designated area within the school garden. As they carefully nurtured the tree, they embraced the notion of responsibility and the role they play in shaping the future of their nation.


Celebration Cakes and Biscuits: Indulging in Culinary Delights

Our dedicated catering team added a delectable touch to the pre-coronation festivities by creating an array of celebration cakes and biscuits. These specially crafted treats, adorned with royal-inspired decorations, delighted the senses and symbolised joy and unity. These culinary delights served as a reminder of the upcoming coronation's significance, bridging the present moment with the historic occasion. The catering team's creations became a delicious link between celebration and anticipation, leaving a lasting impression on all who enjoyed them, as they eagerly awaited the grandeur of the King's Coronation.


Time Capsule: A Glimpse into the Present

Another captivating activity was the creation and burial of a time capsule. Students were encouraged to contribute meaningful items that reflected their lives and the current state of the nation. From handwritten letters and photographs to news clippings and small mementos, each item was carefully selected by students to capture the essence of this era. The time capsule, which was then buried with utmost reverence, will serve as a window into the past for future generations, providing a unique glimpse into the spirit of the King's Coronation.

As our students actively engaged in a myriad of pre-coronation activities, their enthusiasm and participation magnified the significance of the King's Coronation. Through the creation of a time capsule, the planting of a commemorative tree, and other various activities. They not only commemorated this historic moment but also demonstrated their commitment to preserving their heritage and contributing to the growth of their nation. These pre-coronation events served as a reminder that the monarchy is not only a symbol of power and authority from the past but also a unifying force that brings people together in celebration of their shared history and future aspirations.