Careers Week

Our annual 'Careers Week' was a big success thanks to many of the outside people and agencies attending and hosting sessions, providing information, and helping students learn about many of the different career options, courses, and possibilities available to them upon leaving school.

The countdown to Careers Week is a very busy time behind the scenes as our staff works not only on planning lessons and activities for the week but also arranging with outside agencies and people to come into school and spend time with our students speaking about various careers, courses, and options that are available to them upon leaving secondary. This could be something like giving advice and guidance and more information about a specific course or job that they may be interested in but may not have considered as a possible option.

Despite all the hard work that putting together Careers Week entails, at the end of the week we know it has been worth it due to all the feedback that we receive regarding the experience the students have had.

We here at Mount St Joseph would like to thank each and every person, college, and employer involved for all their support in making this year's Careers Week truly amazing. Also, a big thank you to all employers that took our year 10 students on placement during this time for work experience. We couldn't do this without you and look forward to your continued support in our future events, once again, thank you.