Las Posadas

Las Posadas comes to Mount St Joseph. 

Today we welcomed our special visitors who made the journey from St. Gregory’s RC Primary School to Mount St Joseph. Each year the BOSCEP schools take part in LAS Posadas honouring the journey of Mary, Joseph, and their donkey made before the birth of Christ.

So during today's morning assembly, we welcomed them into school so that we could receive the statues, and that they may rest here until the next part of the journey where our school chaplains take them to the next school during the Advent period.

The statues will reach the end of their journey on the 19th of December at Thornleigh Salesian College culminating in the BOSCEP celebratory carol service. The statues will be in the Chapel today during break and lunchtime for all students to go and see if they wish to do so.

Thank you to our guests from St. Gregory's RC Primary School for making the journey today and helping us celebrate and understand the meaning of Las Posadas during this morning's assembly. 

Las Posadas is a replication of the events of Las Posadas, a traditional event in Mexico, and parts of the US. During this time statues of the holy family will travel to every house within a village during the Advent season.