MSJ Open Evening Review

We take a quick look at our Open Evening that took place on the 22nd September 2022.


Open evening is a very important event for our school; it allows parents, carers and students to see what the school has to offer and for some, it is the first time they will have visited the school and met the staff and students. It is the first impression that many people will have of our school and thanks to the creative, engaging and interesting activities in every department as well as some fantastic displays this was definitely a fantastic first impression for many of the attendees. 

The feedback we have received was extremely positive! Parents and carers commented on the ethos of the school and the sense of community we have at Mount St Joseph.  We had many former students returning who are now parents and carers, many of these were amazed with how far the school had come along and that many staff members were still here!

Some of the feedback received:

"Staff and students very friendly and knowledgeable"

"Well-organised, great activities, lots of friendly staff and students"

"Very welcoming, all students and staff were on hand to answer any questions"

"Very impressed with the facilities. Well-presented and laid out"

"Amazing, great warm and enthusiastic energy" 

"Was very impressed with the school and the effort of all the staff and students for making it a very warm and welcoming evening"

We would like to thank all of our students that helped with the evening, they were complimented on their confidence to present in front of all the visitors and were amazing ambassadors for the school. Thanks also to Mr Sanders and the choir they were fantastic! 

Also, a thank you to all staff and students. Your hard work and support is much appreciated, and thank you to everyone that attended our Open Evening. We hope you enjoyed your visit as much as we enjoyed meeting you and look forward to you all becoming part of our community here at Mount St Joseph.