The Jonah Lomu of Wheelchair Rugby

Former Mount St Joseph Student Ayaz Bhuta continues to impress for Great Britain in wheelchair rugby.
Former Mount St Joseph student Ayaz Bhuta was in action once again representing Great Britain in the Paralympic BT World Wheelchair Rugby Challenge. Ayaz has previously been recognised and named by fan votes as the most important player in the squad two years in a row; something that the other teams that took part also recognised as they looked to neutralise his goal scoring threat. In particular the Japanese team's gameplan seemed to be to mark him out of the game with Daisuke Ikezaki spending quite a bit of the time in the penalty box as a result. 
Overall in the tournament Great Britain finished 5th overall after winning 3  and unfortunately losing 2 matches. One of which was a narrow loss (55 - 57) to former reigning world champions Australia in a thrilling contest.
Prior to the competion Ayaz was interviewed by the Telegraph with a snippet below about his time with us at Mount St Joseph. 
"I used to play football. I used to be able to run around when I was younger. I got more and more limited as I got older – I'm wheelchair bound now. But when I was younger I was running around with all the other kids and I was under three foot. The kids used to love me," he recalled. "They'd pass the ball to me and made me feel part of the environment. I was quite popular in school because I always had the support around me from the school teachers and other kids. The kids always wanted to go around in my wheelchair. I've been very lucky."
The full arcticle is available to read here.