Work Experience Programme at Grant Thornton

Information about the work expereience programme at Grant Thornton.

Grant Thornton have recently adjusted their work experience programme. They have made some changes lately in the context of them being a founding member of Access Accountancy which is an organisation which aims to ensure that everyone has an equal chance of accessing the accountancy profession based on merit, not background thus supporting social mobility.   They have now introduced an independent application and assessment process and currently have vacancies available for the October half term. This is open for applications now (Manchester and Liverpool in the North West), and roles for a few different locations can be found here --


In terms of application process, below is an outline:

1) Application form – initial questions on the candidate (e.g. their background, contact details, and a couple of short answer written questions about why they want to do the programme).


2) Online strengths assessment – this is plays out like a bit of storyline around a typical life of our trainees. There will be some questions where the candidate will encounter situations and be asked to rank potential responses in order of how they would act in the situation. It’s important that they answer honestly and no try to guess how Grant Thornton want them to respond. There will also be a part involving some numerical questions based around some fictional information.

a) This link goes to some practice assessments. The situational strengths and numerical reasoning ones will be worth the person trying out ahead of applying to us –


3) Digital Interview – this is the candidate’s chance to share what they’re about on a more personal level. They’ll be asked some pre-recorded questions so they can talk about what it is their good at, share their experiences of how they work in different situations, and also bring to life what they hope to get out of the role and why they want to do it


Please note these vacancies are only available for Year 12 & 13 students (school leavers)