Careers Week 2018

Information about Careers Week 2018.

Careers and aspirations day has always been a showcase of the way we promote the importance of the futures of our young people in school. This year the day was extended to a complete week of career driven activities throughout our school from lessons to clubs and workshops.

Thursday 16th February, saw our annual careers faire flourish for the seventh year in a row. Year 9 pupils had the chance to; observe, discuss and investigate a wide variety of different career paths that they had shown an interest in. The list of careers was as extensive as ever with over forty delegates from local businesses, corporations, organisations and establishments have the chance to share their enthusiasm and passion for their own career paths and share this information with small groups of pupils who listened with intent and fantastic manners. The pupils had chance to ask questions and speak about the pathways to success with each career pathway that they visited.

To have such a personal and professional group of volunteers visit our school is overwhelming and we thank many of the delegates for returning to school to help inspire our future generations and also had a number of professionals visit the school for the first time and deliver first class seminars to motivate and inspire all that they presented to.

During Careers week, year 10 students participated in one week of work experience at a variety of placements. We are always fortunate to work with a variety of fantastic employers, all willing to offer our students their expertise, guidance and support. Each opportunity will have an impact on their future choices and we are thankful to every employer. The feedback that we have received has been extremely positive! 

Mount St Joseph Catholic School would like to thank all of the delegates for their time and efforts in preparing their seminars and for sharing their experiences with our school community, We hope to see you again for our next venture in February of 2019!