The Rome Trip

About the trip to Rome.

In January a group of Key Stage 4 pupils embarked on an action packed long weekend trip to the historic city of Rome. The main aim of the trip was to help develop knowledge and understanding of how advanced Roman society was in terms of Public Health, however the students gained so much more from the experience!

The trip included an exploration of Public Health in Rome; visiting Ostia Antica and the Baths of Carcacalla enabling pupils to seen firsthand how effective Roma Public Health was so long ago. The pupils also took a hop-on-hop-off bus tour of Rome which allowed them to see so many phenomenal historical wonders that make up Rome’s majesticism. There were also able to explore the glory and gore or of the Colosseum, roam around the ruins on the Palatine, make a wish at the Trevi Fountain. In addition the pupils also had the chance to see some of Rome’s most exclusive shopping sites around the Spanish Steps.

Of course a trip to Rome would not be complete with a visit to the Vatican, sitting in the sun on the Vatican Square pupils were able to reflect on the strength and influence of the Pope and the Catholic church. Pupils were also able to send home a post card from the Vatican.

During the trip the pupils also reflected on how much they had got from making the trip, which included embedding their knowledge and understanding of Rome, exploring a new country and its culture and perhaps most importantly, making new friends and building their confidence in travelling. It was an incredibly successful and highly memorable trip and one that we will certainly run again.