neo:artists Trip

Creative Art and Design trip to neo:artists printmaking workshop.

On Wednesday 18th January 2017, year 10 Creative Art and Design students from Mount St. Joseph visited the neo:artists printmaking workshop. The students had been looking forward to producing several different detailed studies of objects that relate directly to their natural forms project  through the process of silk screen printing. Each student had created several outline drawings in school, prior to the visit. 


As soon as the students arrived at the workshop they were keen to get to grips with the process. Denis Whiteside and Jason Simpson, both Directors at Neo, provided the students with all the information they needed, whilst demonstrating each practical stage in a way best suited to the needs of the students.


All the students really enjoyed the visit and produced beautifully detailed works of art that they were all thoroughly proud of. Thirteen students went to the printmaking workshop and left four hours later with approximately forty pieces of work to share out between themselves. Both Denis and Jason commented how well the students had taken to the process, and also how thoroughly well behaved all had been throughout the afternoon.