Request for student to remain until collected.

Request for student to be held at school at school until collected

In the event of a positive COVID-19 case school will contact and is then advised by Public Health England and the Local Authority. At this stage should we be required to send home a class or Year group bubble we will inform you immediately, via phone, followed up and an email. This will let you know that your child has been sent home from and school and are required to isolate for the number of days stated in the email.

Should you feel that your child in the event of positive COVID-19 case that results in a bubble group or school closure would be at risk if sent home please complete the form below.

Pupils in this category will be held within a safe space at school and would be expected to be collected as soon as possible.

Year Group:*

Please confirm that the following statement is correct: In the event of a school or year group closure, I wish for the child named above to remain in school until they are collected. I understand that to ensure that isolation can be effective and keep everyone within school safe I will be expected to collect them as soon as possible.