Mount St Joseph

Catholic School

What to do if...

As a new pupil you may be worried about all sorts of things. Here’s what to do if you have a problem.

If you get lost:

  • Ask any teacher
  • You will be taken to the correct room
  • You will soon get used to your new school building

If you lose something:

  • Tell your teacher at once
  • Lost property is handed in at Student Reception
  • The Caretaker may be able to help you
  • Talk to your form tutor about the situation

If you are ill in the day:

  • Tell your teacher, they will tell your Pastoral Care Officer
  • If you are very ill your parents will be contacted

If you are late for school:

  • Go straight to student reception and report to the attendance staff

If you forget your dinner money:

  • Ask the student reception for help