School Council

The student council meet on a half termly basis to discuss matters important to the running of the school from the students perspective.

There are three house councils one representing each house, Mandela, Shakespeare and Jenner. Representatives of each council are chosen by a house vote after pupils wishing to represent their house apply each year. Student council representatives serve a full school year on the council and have the opportunity to represent their house on the full school council meetings.

Full school council meetings occur each term with representatives from all three houses in attendance. This council discuss important school issues such as rewards, attendance, activities and facilities that are available to the pupils.  A recent success for the council was a dedicated space for girls to play netball at lunchtimes being granted after the request came through the student council.

The student council plays a vital role in the running, organisation and on-going improvement of the school and is a respected position of responsibility within our school.