Rewards & Consequences

Pupils who work and behave well make good progress and will be rewarded.

Rewards – VIVO System

Vivos – Outstanding pieces of work or exceptionally good behaviour is rewarded with vivos. Students can accumulate vivo points that can be exchanged for various items. If you are 100% punctual and have 100% attendance each week you will automatically receive two vivos. Students will be given their own password to access and manage their vivo “account”. Further details on the vivo miles can be found at           

Fun Days – Pupils who show good attitude and behaviour and consistently make progress in their learning will be entitled to take part in activity days. Outstanding achievement or contribution to the community is recognised through Rewards Assemblies.


Pupils who stop their own learning and that of others will not be allowed to disrupt the education of others.

Debits – Students who arrive late to class or forget books or equipment will not receive their automatic two vivos.

Debits demonstrate continuous poor behaviour. Students are always given the opportunity to amend and reflect upon their behaviour in the classroom and outside of the classroom.

The sanctions used by school may be any or all of the following:-

  • The pupil leaves the classroom and continues their learning in another room.
  • The pupil undertakes a departmental detention (parents informed by note in the homework diary, letter or telephone by class teacher).
  • The pupil is completely removed from the lesson (this is very serious and parents will be informed).
  • Behaviour is monitored by a Departmental Conduct Sheet.
  • A Head of School report in which the pupil is monitored daily.
  • A meeting between school and parents to discuss the situation.
  • A fixed-term exclusion for repeatedly poor behaviour or a single serious incident.