Year 11 December Exams

Morning (9am Start) Week 1 Afternoon (1.20pm Start)

Option 2 (SJ Tues afternoons)

PE 1hr 45mins

Computer Science 2hrs

Drama 1hr 45 mins

Food 1hr 45 mins

Business Studies 1hr

Product Design 1hr 30mins

Art/Photography all day

11sc1 Science 1 hr

Health and Social Revision          

M band normal lessons

8th Dec Art/Photography
  Week 2  
RE  2x 50 mins (1hr 40 mins) 11th Dec History 1hr 15 mins          Geography 1hr 30 mins
English Language 1hr 45 mins 12th Dec BTEC ITC 11J
Maths Paper 1 1hr 30 mins 13th Dec BTEC ITC 11O
English Literature 1hr 30 mins 14th Dec  MFL Reading and Listening 
English Literature
Modern text and poetry (Paper 2) 2hrs 15mins
15th Dec BTEC ITC 11S
  Week 3  
Maths Paper 2 1hr 30 mins 18th Dec BTEC ITC 11E


Session 1 8.40 to 9.40 11P         Session 2 11.05 to 12.05 11H 

19th Dec

MFL Writing Exam

Foundation 1hr / Higher 1 hr 15mins                    

BTEC ITC Group 7                 Science 1hr catch up

Option 1 (MJ Mon 6)             

Art (in class)                     

Computer Science 2hrs             

Drama 1hr 45mins                 

Business 1hr                        

Health and Social 1hr            

Music 2hrs                      

Product Design 1hr 30mins    

Photography (in class)               

Science 1hr                              

PE 1hr 45 mins 

20th Dec*

Option 1 (MJ Mon 6)



Computer Science             



Health and Social           


Product Design      




 *On Wednesday 20th December students with be in their option all day either in exam or in intervention